Oh, Hello

Once upon a time in a faraway land.... There was a girl who was procrastinating her GCSE revision and decided to write a blog. Me. Hello everyone, how are you today? I'm doing fine, just fine. (think the last sentence in Ross' drunk voice and haha how you will laugh) Anyway, this is my first... Continue Reading →

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Hey guys. Its been what...three weeks since I last posted anything. Sorry about that, I've been really busy with homework and GCSEs. But anyway, I've started to write a story set in the future about this girl who lives in a 'perfect' world. Here is the blurb: Flawless: without any imperfections or defects; perfect. -----... Continue Reading →

Bi, Bi, Bi

Hello!! I hope you can guess what today's blog will be about. It's a quick one so yeah. Hint: it's about bisexuality. Yes, I am bisexual. I've had so many jokes about being bi - dating one gender and having the other on the side, threesome,. I've read how people who are bi aren't exactly... Continue Reading →

My First Proper Day Back

Hello! I just looked at my stats for yesterday and OMG I had over 40 views!!!! I know it's not loads but for me it makes me smile that there are people who actually take a look. But anyhoo, today was my first whole day back, and what can I say? It pretty much sucked.... Continue Reading →

My School Timetable and Subjects

Well hello! Today is my first day back at school. Year 11 Woohoo! For those who aren't British and don't understand our school system, Year 11 is for 15-16 year olds (10th grade in American High School..I think). Our school has a two-week timetable. So one week has certain lessons per day and then the... Continue Reading →

Panic Attacks, Depression and Me

Hello again to those reading this blog! I am writing in my Grandma's kitchen/dining room, listening to Replay by Zendaya (AGAIN? yes...) and setting this to post on Tuesday 4th September. Today I want to talk about my panic attacks and depression. It's not a nice topic to talk about, but it helps to get... Continue Reading →

My September Playlist

As it is the 3rd of September, I may as well show my Apple Music Playlist. This playlist will keep me going while I try and make it through Year 11. Boys Like You (Acoustic) - Anna Clendening: This song is the first one on my playlist.  I actually found it while listening to sad... Continue Reading →

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