My First Proper Day Back

Hello! I just looked at my stats for yesterday and OMG I had over 40 views!!!! I know it’s not loads but for me it makes me smile that there are people who actually take a look.

But anyhoo, today was my first whole day back, and what can I say? It pretty much sucked. I got physics homework, already…and it’s PHYSICS. Help meeee.

I had french and spanish as well, which was ok. In french we had a recap of all the stuff from last year, and in spanish we started sorting out our GCSE folder. It turns out I needed 10 dividers instead of 5 so my folder is a bit of a mess. But oh well, its ok.

I also had media studies, which was fun. We also did a recap test on what we did last year and I got 27/30 which is really good.

We have five lessons a day, apart from friday where we finish really early and only do 4 lessons.

So today’s order was:

  1. French
  2. Maths
  3. Media Studies
  4. Physics
  5. Spanish

We have a break after the first two lessons and then we have an hour lunch, but in those 60 minutes we have a 20 minute form time which is pretty much useless. So technically we have a 40 minute lunch.

What was your first proper day back like? Comment down below!!

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