My School Timetable and Subjects

Well hello! Today is my first day back at school. Year 11 Woohoo! For those who aren’t British and don’t understand our school system, Year 11 is for 15-16 year olds (10th grade in American High School..I think).

Our school has a two-week timetable. So one week has certain lessons per day and then the next day the lessons have changed.

I’m doing my GCSEs this year (yay!..) and I tell you, I am NOT looking forward to them. The subjects I am doing are:

  • English Literature and Language
  • Maths (Higher- we have higher and foundation sets)
  • Science – biology, chemistry and physics (ew)
  • Music
  • Media Studies
  • French
  • Spanish

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is. We also have P.E but that’s more so that we stay ‘fit.’

My two favourite subjects are media studies and music but they’re both really hard. Most people on my class probably took so that they would get a straight A* (grade 9) but HAHA…no way. With music and media studies, I have to do coursework, which is really stressful. For my media coursework, I have a selection of choices to do, I decided to create a front cover for a magazine and a double page. I chose this because it would be rally fun to tell my ‘model’ what to wear and styling her hair and makeup.

For music, I have to write a piece of music…I KNOW! I have all these ideas for lyrics and chords but I can’t get it down on paper. I listen to inspiration and oh…they are so good and there’s a part of me that makes me wish I had written them. But I hadn’t. I don’t have to write that kind of song, I can do classical; rock; tango etc. But I find it better when I have lyrics to express myself.

Now my expected grades. They are quite high, when you convert the numbers to the old grading system. If I am wrong, correct me in the comments below!!

  • English: 6 (B)
  • Science: 7 (A)
  • Maths: 6 (B)
  • Music: 8 (A*)
  • Media Studies: 8 (A*)
  • French: 7 (A)
  • Spanish: 6 (B)

These were my expected grades from the end of Year 10. They may have changed the next time I get my report. If I got these results at the end I would be so happy. I would love to get a 7 or above but getting a 6 is just as good. It doesn’t sound as amazing when you say the number but when they are converted back to letters, they are a lot higher.

What are your subjects and grades? Comment down below x




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