Bi, Bi, Bi

Hello!! I hope you can guess what today’s blog will be about. It’s a quick one so yeah.

Hint: it’s about bisexuality. Yes, I am bisexual.

I’ve had so many jokes about being bi – dating one gender and having the other on the side, threesome,. I’ve read how people who are bi aren’t exactly part of the LGBTQ+ because they are ‘half and half’ and that we should just pick a side. Well sorreee if I like girls and boys. Like right now, I have Zendaya as my celebrity crush (but let’s be honest, everyone loves Zendaya) and I’m crushing on a guy in ‘real life.’

I love being bi, it’s amazing. Sometimes I feel like I just like girls, and then sometimes I think I prefer boys. I’m never 50/50. Some bisexuals are.

One of my friends at school mentioned how they knew someone who would ly kiss a girl if they were completely drunk – I don’t see that as being bisexual. I’m not hating on it, but only being able to be drunk to show your ‘bi side’ is B.S.

All my friends know I’m bisexual…or at least I think they do. But my parents don’t. I’m too scared to. Whenever I go out with one of my male friends, they’re like ‘ooh are you dating him? Do you like him?’ and I don’t want that happening to girls too. Maybe once I leave home and I’m halfway across the world, then I’ll tell them. Joking….maybe.

But anyway, that’s it for now. I may go into further detail in another post, but for today that is all I’m writing.

Who else here is part of the LGBTQ+ community? comment down below, and also if I should tell my parents. I definitely will not tell them until after my GCSE results come, but maybe afterwards. And how should I tell them? Let me know




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